Choosing a profession that suits you is important but often difficult. On Thursday, March 14, during Zoetermeer On Stage, about 900 vmbo students got the chance to learn about different professions.

'Anything you can become, except unhappy. Promise? With this slogan, Zoetermeer On Stage organized meetings between young people and professionals in the Dutch Innovation Factory. The 900 vmbo students from Motion Beweegcollege, Erasmus College, Oranje Nassau College (locations Clauslaan and Parkdreef) and Picasso Lyceum were festively welcomed to the accompaniment of a brass band.

Alderman Marijke van der Meer (education) opened the professions festival by symbolically pressing the red button. On the exhibition floor there was then plenty of time for personal conversations with professionals. For some a very purposeful action, for others it was first a hesitant look around. They got help from "Matchmakers" or classmates.

Do Days

Do the young people and professionals click with each other? Then the students will have the opportunity to participate during the Do Days on April 4. This often leads to internships and even jobs! More information about Zoetermeer On Stage can be found at link).