Nature parks more accessible with modified wildlife grids

All wildlife grids in Zoetermeer's nature reserves have been made more accessible. By placing 2 metal strips on 23 wildlife grids, wheelchair and mobility scooter users can cross them more easily. This makes access to Buytenpark, Westerpark, Wijdseweide, Meerpolder and the Zoetermeer Lake a lot more comfortable for them.

The council came up with the adaptation in cooperation with a local mobility scooter supplier. On Wednesday, July 3, Councilwoman Marijke van der Meer, along with the Accessibility Council and mobility scooter club ScootZo, took a look at the wildlife grid along the Sheep Meadow in Westerpark.

"With these driving plates you can get over the wildlife grids just a bit easier with wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and I saw that it is also doable for a service dog. Exactly right, because of course the sheep shouldn't be able to cross them," says Marijke van der Meer.