Maintenance on fountain Dobbeplas

On April 18, part of the well-known fountain in Dobbeplas was temporarily removed. This artwork consists of 2 stainless steel parts: a lying spiral and a standing spiral. The lying spiral is very dirty and therefore needs to be refurbished. This will probably take a few weeks.

About the artwork

The artwork was created in 1988 by the artist duo Marja and Frans de Boer-Lichtveld. For a long time they mainly made kinetic works of art, with moving parts. They also liked to work with shiny materials, because of the beautiful reflections of light.

The fountain was first given a site on City Hall Square. In 2005 it was moved to its current location in the Dobbeplas. Here the work of art comes out even better because of the glare of sunlight and water on the steel, giving it a different look each time.