The new swimming pool in the Van Tuyllpark will also feature a work of art. Residents, representatives of the swimming associations and the municipality together chose the design 4M by Marcel Smink. On June 29, 2024 at 10:30 am, the artwork will be unveiled by Alderman Wim Blansjaar (art and culture) during the opening of the swimming pool De Watergeus.

The design

The artist's design is a 7-foot-tall sculpture of 3 figures on top of each other. The figures look alike, but each figure has a different pose. One dives, the other swims and the third skates or runs. The figures thus playfully refer to the different sports you can do in the Van Tuyllpark. The sculpture is made of steel and "pool blue" in color. The artwork will stand well in front of the stairs at the entrance to the swimming pool. You can walk around the sculpture and you can also see it from a distance. Around the artwork, on the advice of the Accessibility Council, there will be attention tiles.

The title 4M stands not only for "4 meters under NAP," but also for the 4 reasons to swim. Swimming to survive, to stay healthy, in competition and as a game. In addition, the image consists of 4 possible poses with the composition included. Finally, there are 4 people: the 3 figures and the viewer.

Residents and the swimming club thought along

A group of residents and representatives of the swimming associations, together with the municipality, made an assignment with the requirements that the new artwork should meet. From 66 professional artists, the project group selected 3 artist to create an idea. The sketch design by artist Marcel Smink impressed the project group the most.

Artwork 4M takes shape. Photo: Marcel Smink
Project group visits the workshop where the artwork will be made. Photo: municipality of Zoetermeer
Final design 4M ©Marcel Smink
Collage sketch idea 4M ©Marcel Smink
The project group reviews artists' portfolios.
Residents and users of the pool will determine the location of the future artwork .