Cooperation agreement Sports Advisory Council signed

On Friday, May 24, Alderman Ronald Weerwag (sports) signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the municipality of Zoetermeer together with Marcel Verbeek (chairman Sports Advisory Council and chairman of Zovoc) and Alfred Lohman (secretary Sports Advisory Council and secretary of Kanovereniging de Sprinters). Herewith the cooperation between the Sports Advisory Council and the municipality of Zoetermeer is a fact.

Sports Advisory Council

The Sports Advisory Council is an initiative of 6 Zoetermeer sports providers - Mixed Hockey Club Zoetermeer (MHCZ), soccer club Door Wilskracht Ontstaan (DWO), Schietsportvereniging Zoetermeer (SVV), Tennis and Padelvereniging Buytenwegh, Kanovereniging de Sprinters and the Zoetermeer Volleyball Club (ZOVOC) - who, with the council, want to be involved at an early stage in the development of local sports policy. The initiators have taken the lead in establishing the Sports Advisory Council on behalf of a larger group. Three of them: DWO, De Sprinters and ZOVOC are part of the board.

Joining forces

In the Sports Advisory Council, the Zoetermeer sports and exercise associations join forces and share their knowledge, experience and views with each other. Together, they provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the municipality on sports policy. In this way, the Sports Advisory Council contributes to good cooperation and knowledge sharing between sports and exercise providers and the municipality of Zoetermeer.

Alderman Ronald Weerwag: "I am pleased with this great step that allows us to strengthen the cooperation between the municipality and the sports and exercise associations so that even more residents can enjoy sports and exercise."

Marcel Verbeek (chairman Sports Advisory Council): "We are happy and proud to have entered into this agreement with the municipality. As a first important step, the Sports Advisory Council will help advise on the municipality's Sports Agenda. This will lay a solid foundation for the cooperation between the municipality and sports and exercise providers in Zoetermeer in the coming years."

New members

The Sports Advisory Council is looking for representatives from other sports providers to join as board members or Sports Advisory Council members. Interested parties should contact us at: