The municipality is looking for 150 concerned Zoetermeerders who want to participate in a citizens' council to think about how the municipality deals with waste. This week, 17,000 residents will receive a personal invitation from the mayor. You can register until March 11. A draw will then follow.

The municipality wants to reduce the amount of waste and come up with a plan of action created with the help of our residents. Zoetermeerders are invited to participate in the citizens' council that will advise the city council on this matter.

The central question is: What conditions should waste policy in Zoetermeer meet? These include how often waste is collected, the costs and the method of waste separation.


It is important that the participants of the citizens' council be different in age, gender, background, neighborhood, and living situation. To ensure that there are enough participants from all groups, the municipality sends out a large number of invitations. In the event that there are more than enough applications, for example from a particular neighborhood, a drawing of lots follows. So by no means all residents who apply end up attending the citizens' council.

What will the citizens' council do?

The citizens' council meets 5 times, from the beginning of April until the end of June this year. The citizens' council receives information about how waste policy is currently regulated in Zoetermeer. In the first 2 meetings, they learn from experts on the subject of waste and consult with each other. In the third meeting, participants learn how to draft an opinion. In the last 2 meetings, they will consult with each other and vote on the result. Finally, the advice of the citizens' council is presented to the college and city council.

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More information about Citizens' Consultation can be found at Residents can also subscribe to the Citizens' Council newsletter at Then choose citizens' council newsletter.