Zoetermeer remains fine cycling for all ages

On Thursday, June 6, the biennial award ceremony for the title of Bicycle Town 2024 took place during the National Bicycle Congress in The Hague. For the 3rd time in a row Alderman Ter Laak took home the award 'Best Large Bicycle Municipality' on behalf of the municipality of Zoetermeer. The honorary title Bicycle Municipality 2024 went to the municipality of Noord-Beveland. Naturally, the municipality of Zoetermeer congratulates this municipality on this fine title.

Best score for cyclists in our country

The survey conducted by as many as 46,541 cyclists spread over 352 municipalities showed that Zoetermeer (100,00+ municipality) scored the very best for cyclists in our country. Zoetermeer owes this title, among other things, to its well-lit bicycle routes, sufficient bicycle parking spaces, wide bike paths and bike lanes, and the N8 night cycle routes, which are special to the Netherlands in terms of social traffic safety. These night cycle routes are characterized by traffic safety.

Alderman Ingeborg ter Laak: "We are very proud of this title. This token of appreciation from cyclists is a great compliment. Of course it is a pity that we did not become 'The cycling municipality 2024'." Extra reason to keep investing in a good cycling climate and to stimulate cycling in Zoetermeer for the title Bicycle City 2026.

About Bicycle City 2024

The election Bicycle City is organized biannually by the Cyclists' Union. With the result, a municipality can work together with the local Fietsersbond department to ensure that cycling becomes even safer and more comfortable for residents, commuters and tourists, among others. Fietsersbond is committed to safe and comfortable cycling and thus contributes to a liveable, healthy and active Netherlands, a safe and healthy cycling climate and cycling happiness for all!

Photo: Fotoflex.co.uk