Pool De Watergeus officially opens its doors from June 29

The long-awaited new swimming pool De Watergeus in the Van Tuyllpark in Zoetermeer will officially open its doors from June 29, 2024. This was announced today by Alderman Ronald Weerwag (sports) and Optisport site manager Mark de Jong. Also that day, the new artwork that will be placed in front of the entrance of the pool will be unveiled by artist Marcel Smink and alderman Wim Blansjaar (art and culture). Starting June 10, interested parties can already test swim in the new pool.

The testing period from June 10 to 29 will be used for staff to learn about the new pool. The outdoor area will not yet be put into use then. Mark de Jong: "The coming weeks we will start with different activities, such as the Liz and Wes splash lesson for toddlers from 0 t / m 4 years and the Zed & Sop swimming lessons from 4 years. We also organize disco swimming for children up to 12 years old. In addition, recreational and lane swimming will also be available."

Unique asset

Swimming pool De Watergeus is a unique asset for the region: The pool features a 25-meter competition pool with 8 lanes and a stand for 200 people, a target group pool that can be extra heated and has a moveable bottom, a recreational pool with 3 slides and a whirlpool and a catering facility with a view of the pools. In addition, the outdoor terrace and water playground will open from June 29 and there will be a sunbathing area, which is expected to open in the third quarter of this year. The outdoor feeling will be brought inside on warm days by opening part of the sliding walls and part of the roof. Alderman Ronald Weerwag: "I am thrilled that De Watergeus is opening its doors and look forward to all Zoetermeerders being able to swim in this beautiful new pool."


The building has the ITS Basic seal of approval, making it accessible to people with disabilities. For example, there are specially equipped changing rooms and toilets, wide aisles and a waiting area for assistance dogs. The water playground is also wheelchair accessible and additional measures have been taken for visual accessibility in and around the building.


During the opening on June 29, the new artwork 4M, by artist Marcel Smink, will also be unveiled by Alderman Wim Blansjaar (art and culture). The 7-meter-high artwork shows 3 figures that look alike, but each figure has a different pose. They refer to the different sports you can do in the Van Tuyllpark. Alderman Wim Blansjaar: "In Zoetermeer we attach great value to art in the public space. I am therefore proud that this work of art will be placed in this beautiful spot in front of the entrance to De Watergeus in the Van Tuyllpark."

Free ticket

Everyone is cordially invited to swim at De Watergeus in the coming months. The Zoetermeer City Council has passed a motion giving all Zoetermeer residents a free entrance ticket to the pool. Before the summer, all households in Zoetermeer will receive a letter with access codes for 4 free entrance tickets. Households consisting of more than 4 people can request additional tickets from the municipality.


Both the temporary schedule from June 10 and the final schedule from June 29 will be announced via Optisport's website. At the start, a ticket costs €6.

Optisport and the municipality of Zoetermeer expect the pool to attract many visitors. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to keep an eye on the website and Optisport' s Facebook page. If the pool is full, it will be indicated there.

Entrance to swimming pool De Watergeus
Photo: MG Photography / Michel Groen