Below is an overview of the amounts and abbreviations of the most common taxes in the municipality of Zoetermeer.

Garbage tax (AFV).

Household 1 person€ 307,48
Household 2 persons€ 344,97
Household 3 or more persons€ 361,66

Dog tax (DOG)

Dog owners in Zoetermeer will no longer have to pay dog tax as of Jan. 1, 2024.

Property tax (OZB).

The basis for the OZB assessment is the WOZ value and percentage. You will find the WOZ value on the assessment.

Home ownership0,1186%OZBEW
Non-residential property0,4217%OZBEN
Non-residential use0,3055%OZBGN

Precario tax

Terrace in Stadshart (in area A)

Per m² per month€ 4,95

Terrace outside Stadhart (outside area A)

Per m² per month€ 2,64

Display or billboard

For each m² above 2m² per year€ 4,71

Sewerage charges (RIHG).

The sewer assessment consists of 2 parts:

  • a fixed amount ⇒ for 2024 is €80.30 +
  • a percentage of the WOZ value of your house ⇒ for 2024 it is 0.0147%

No one (except large consumers) pays more than €312.30 per plot.

Tourist tax

The fee is 7% over the overnight rate. 

Display or billboard

Processing an application to place an advertising object€ 500,00