Status holders in NH Hotel Zoetermeer

The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) has asked the municipality of Zoetermeer to temporarily house 69 status holders, who are now waiting in a reception location for housing in Zoetermeer, in the NH Hotel Zoetermeer at Danny Kayelaan 20.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen decided Dec. 12, 2023 to consider it important to cooperate with this request from COA.

The status holders will stay at the NH Hotel starting Dec. 21, 2023.

Walk-in meeting

A letter was sent to those living near the NH Hotel on December 13. This contained more information about the shelter and about the walk-in meeting. This walk-in meeting took place on Wednesday, December 20. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some local residents did not receive this letter until very late. Because of this they could not come to the meeting. We find this very annoying.

Couldn't come to the meeting but still have questions? If so, ask them at

Frequently Asked Questions

The link below provides answers to frequently asked questions about the reception of status holders at the NH Hotel.

Questions and answers reception of status holders in NH Hotel