Zoetermeer is home to an estimated 9,000 zzp'ers (self-employed without personnel). And this entrepreneurial group is growing steadily. Good entrepreneurship is important as an engine for the local economy and a vibrant city. The municipality supports the entrepreneurship of the self-employed through the services of Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis.

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Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis

The central meeting place for all entrepreneurs, including you as a (starting) self-employed person. You can network here in a relaxed atmosphere. You can meet with business contacts over a free cup of coffee or tea. You can meet with a group in one of the meeting rooms. In Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis you will find all kinds of information for entrepreneurs. There are also regular workshops, training sessions and meetings for entrepreneurs. Look here for the agenda or just drop by at Markt 3 in Zoetermeer.

Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis

Your own coach

Especially if you want to start for yourself or have not been in business for very long, an entrepreneurial coach is helpful. The coach helps you with questions such as finances and preparing a business plan. She shows you the way within the municipality and can put you in contact with organizations and companies. This service is completely free of charge. Make an appointment with entrepreneur coach Irma de Graaff, telephone 079-346 9700.

Starting as an IT Professional

Zoetermeer supports startups and scale-ups in IT in becoming successful entrepreneurs. The website of "Scale booster, strengthens start- & scale-ups" offers an overview with the program and opportunities. This site also offers information and inspiration for and by entrepreneurs.

'Scale booster, strengthens start-ups & scale-ups'

Workshops and events

Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis offers an overview of interesting workshops and events for start-ups, start & scale-ups and SME entrepreneurs. Check out the calendar or contact the entrepreneurial coach for the latest workshops. See heading above 'Your own coach'. For start-ups & scale-ups, a more comprehensive overview with interesting (regional/national) workshops, events and webinars can be found at: scalebooster.nl/en/agenda.

Entrepreneurial School Zoetermeer

If there is sufficient interest, Qredits Microfinance Netherlands is organizing an entrepreneurial school for starting entrepreneurs in Zoetermeer. Inquire about the possibilities and express your interest to entrepreneurial coach Irma de Graaff, telephone 079-346 9700.

Ready to undertake

Then stop by entrepreneurial coach Irma de Graaff, she is ready to help you further. For an appointment, call 079-346 9700.

Useful links


Are you an entrepreneur looking for (temporary) housing? If so, please visit the websites below. Or contact an account manager from the municipality's Economic Affairs department. The account managers work from Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis, Markt 3, Zoetermeer, telephone 079-346 9700.


Flextender is an organization that provides an online platform for municipal hiring assignments.

Flextender - marketplace for hiring externals