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Dutch Innovation Park connects and provides opportunities

This is the Dutch Innovation Park: a strong ecosystem of IT start-ups, students and IT companies focused on applied innovation. Whether you work or study in the Dutch Innovation Factory, at the Dutch Tech Campus or at one of the other locations in the Dutch Innovation Park, we work towards the same goal: making people's lives safer, healthier and more enjoyable through applied IT innovation.

The Dutch Innovation Park is therefore the hotspot in the Netherlands in the fields of e-health, cybersecurity, big data and smart mobility. Here, IT companies - from start-ups and scale-ups to medium-sized companies and multinationals, educational institutions and research institutes - work together on innovative IT solutions and business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs, education and research

The Dutch Innovation Park offers an excellent business climate, with an active community of IT professionals, some 800 college and MBO IT students and various research facilities including the Big Data Innovation Hub, Innovation Labs and lectureships.

Dutch Tech Campus

Renowned technology companies such as Siemens, Atos, Reconext and WS Audiology are located at the Dutch Tech Campus (DTC). At the DTC, companies in the field of smart technology, ICT and logistics are connected: current and new tenants can share knowledge and cooperate, creating an inspiring working environment with mutual synergistic effects.

Dutch Innovation Factory

The Dutch Innovation Factory is the clubhouse of the IT community of Zoetermeer and the surrounding area. The building is home to over 25 different ICT companies and an internationally oriented tech investor. The Dutch Innovation Factory is the playground for digital innovators: under the motto we connect to create, business and IT education work together on applied innovations in areas such as cybersecurity, smart mobility, eHealth and big data.

Educational institutions and students

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is located in the Dutch Innovation Factory with its various HBO-ICT courses: Information Security Management and Innovative Development. Third-year MBO-4 IT students from mboRijnland also study in the same building. All companies in the Park have direct access to the IT students, teachers and lecturers. The universities of Leiden and Delft, with which the Dutch Innovation Park collaborates, are also easily accessible from Zoetermeer. In the Dutch Innovation Park you are on top of IT talent!

Dutch Innovation Community

The Dutch Innovation Community consists of IT companies located both inside and outside the Park. Members meet regularly and have direct access to the Cyber Security lectureship for SMEs, the Data Science lectureship, a start-up ecosystem and theme meetings. In addition, the Community offers nice and good internships for education and a quick connection to talent for business.

Sharing knowledge

And the Park offers more ways to share knowledge and network. For example, student assignments, internships and guest lectures are organized (in cooperation with De Haagse Hogeschool). The location is also home to the Big Data Innovation Hub, the starting point for innovation, research and knowledge exchange around big data for companies, start-ups and (educational) institutions in South Holland.

Innovation Labs

Whether it concerns better services or new solutions to social issues; technical innovation plays an increasingly significant role. That is why the Dutch Innovation Park has plenty of room for entrepreneurs and education to experiment and innovate, for example in the InnovationLab, IoT-Lab, Human Behaviour Lab and SoftwareLab.

Education development

Together with De Haagse Hogeschool, the municipality of Zoetermeer is working to further grow the number of students and programs in the Park. Various forms of IT education, research and collaboration are possible. This also includes the concentration and strengthening of the already existing labs and lectureships. The ambitions for the further development of the Dutch Innovation Park extend beyond the city. The Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area is an innovative region and is home to the most innovative companies in the Netherlands. It also has several universities and colleges, and there is much collaboration in triple helix partnerships.

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