You need a moped license to ride a moped, scooter or microcar. You do not need a moped license for a Segway Personal Transporter (PT), Stint or Trikke.

Applying for and picking up a moped license must always be done in person.

Driving License

Do you have a car license (category B) or motorcycle license (category A)? Then the moped license is automatically added to your driving license.

Emergency moped license application

Need your moped license fast? Then take advantage of the rush application. Keep in mind additional costs.

  • Call 14 079 to make an appointment.
  • There is no need to make an appointment for pickup.
  • After your appointment at the front desk, the emergency application goes into effect.
  • Application before 2 p.m. at the counter > pick up driver's license the next business day from 11 a.m. onwards.
  • Application after 2 p.m. at the counter > pick up driver's license after 2 working days.
  • We are closed on Mondays. Rush application on Friday > pick up driver's license on Tuesday.

Moped license lost, stolen, damaged or illegible?

Moped license lost or stolen?

Reporting online

  • You can report the loss or theft online 24/7 through the RDW website .
  • You will receive immediate confirmation of the declaration.
  • At the municipality you can then apply and new driver's license.
  • To do so, make an appointment online to apply for and pick up your driver's license (see "Make an Appointment").
  • Print out the return and bring it with you to your appointment.

Report in person at city hall

  • You report to the Public Square counter and immediately apply for a new driver's license.
  • To do so, make an appointment online to apply for and pick up your driver's license (see "Make an Appointment").

Moped license damaged or illegible?

  • You must have the moped license replaced.
  • You will receive a new moped license that will be renewed by 10 years from the date of application.

Make an appointment

Tip: Also make an appointment to pick up your moped license right away.

Appointment (moped) license application/renewal

Appointment (moped) license collection

You can schedule an appointment up to 4 weeks from today's date.

Applications > Pick up

Requested onTo be picked up after 6 working days, at 
MondayTuesday the following week
TuesdayTuesday the following week
WednesdayWednesday the following week
ThursdayThursday the following week
FridayFriday the following week
SaturdayTuesday the following week

Pick-up on Monday is possible if you have requested more than 6 working days before.

Change or cancel appointment?

Once you have made an appointment you will receive a confirmation email. This e-mail also contains a link that allows you to change or cancel your appointment yourself.

Are you changing your appointment? Please remember to cancel your other appointment!

Do you no longer have the E-mail? If so, call 14 079. A staff member can change or delete the appointment for you.

What to bring

To bring with you when applying for your driver's license

  • Your (old) moped license (if applicable).
  • A valid ID.
  • A good-looking color passport photo.
    • At the time of application, the photo must be no more than 6 months old.
    • Passport photo requirements are attached to the photo .
    • A headscarf is allowed, but the face and eyes must be fully visible. Also, the headscarf must be even and single-colored and contrast with the background.

On 1st application or moped license lost or stolen take extra:

  • A valid ID or residence document

To bring with you when picking up your driver's license

  • The pickup receipt you received with the application.
  • A valid ID.
  • Your old moped license (if you have one).


You pay the fee when you apply for your moped license. At the counter, you can only pay by debit or credit card.

Driving License€ 51,11
Additional fees for rush application€ 39,65

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

Additional information


  • A moped license is valid for 10 years.
  • This may be waived in the case of medical conditions.
  • Have you been rejected for medical reasons for driving license A or B? Then the category AM of the moped license remains valid on your license.


  • You can take theory exams for the moped license from the age of 15.5.
  • From the age of 16, you may take driving lessons and take practical tests.
  • On the site of the CBR you will find more information about the practical moped exam. There you can also read all about the theory exam and practical exam for driving license AM.
  • Serious violations on the moped also count toward the beginner's license. More information can be found on the CBR website.