Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular. The number of residents with electric cars is increasing. To continue to meet the demand, more public charging stations are needed in the city. Therefore, this year the municipality is further expanding the existing network of public charging stations and proposing 195 new locations. There are now some 395 charging stations in the city. With the arrival of 195 new locations, it means that more residents will be able to charge an electric car within 250 meters of his or her home. Whether the charging station will be there depends on the interest in the spot. We would like to hear from you what you think of the new proposed spots.

Thinking about proposed locations for charging stations?

On doemee.zoetermeer.nl | New locations charging stations you will find a map with the proposed locations. For each location, you can leave a comment. You have from 10 to 28 April 2024 to do so.

Charging station placement on request

The municipality will take your response into account when determining the final locations. The final locations will then be made visible on the map of charging stations(external link). If you then submit a request for a charging station, a defined location can be used for the actual placement of the charging station.

Map of charging points

The map with charge points(external link) is a map of Zoetermeer. On this map you can see at a glance where there is already a charging point in your neighborhood and where a charging point may soon be installed. This is indicated with different colors on the map. You will also find the 195 new locations on this map.

Criteria locations charging station

In determining the locations of charging stations, the municipality uses a number of criteria.

  • The sites are chosen so that users can easily find and reach the charging stations.
  • Consideration is given to the location of power lines in the ground, trees and parking pressure in the area.
  • We try to take into account the placement of a charging station in relation to homes.

Places on request

The municipality places charging stations on request. The municipality checks whether the requested charging station will be sufficiently used. It is therefore possible that in some places no charge point will be installed, because no application was submitted or because there is already one in the neighborhood and the assessment shows that the use of the new charge point is therefore insufficient.

Apply for public charging station

Do you (soon) own an electric car, but have no possibility to charge on your own property? Then you can apply for a charging station via laadpaalnodig.nl(external link). Through this website you can easily apply for a new public charging station in your neighborhood and you can also view the conditions.

Traffic Order

For each requested charging station, the municipality goes through a procedure for a traffic decision. The traffic decision is made public via www.officielebekendmakingen.nl(external link). After this, everyone has 6 weeks to object.


Is a public charging station not working? Call the fault number: 088-484 8670 (you will also find this phone number on the charging station). You will then get an expert Equans employee on the phone who will ask you for the pole number. This SGZH2 number is on the pole. In many cases, the employee can remotely fix the malfunction.

Parking at a charging station

A charge point is intended for charging electric cars only. The electric car must be connected to the charge point with a charging cable. Users are not supposed to park at the charging station longer than necessary. This means that once your car is fully charged, you must move your car to ordinary parking space. The rules for parking at a charging point are posted on a sign at the parking lot.

Paid parking at a charging station

Is the charge point located in an area where paid parking applies? Then you must also pay for parking.

Parking at a charge point in a blue zone

Is the charging point located in a blue zone? Then the rules of parking in the blue zone apply.

Charge Card

A charge card is a payment card to charge your electric car at a charging point on the public road. You can request a charge card from a company that supplies energy. The municipality cannot advise you on this. An overview of providers can be found on the comparison site laadpas.com(external link).

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