Municipality of Zoetermeer Uses European grant for job coaching

The Municipality of Zoetermeer has received a €570,000 grant from the European Social Fund (ESF) for 2022/2023 for guidance into work (labor market guidance). This money was used to support employment in the South Holland Central region and get people into work.

The municipality of Zoetermeer and Leidschendam-Voorburg have invested ESF funds in finding jobs for job seekers and helping workers to stay in work long-term and successfully. Among other things, benefits recipients, vulnerable youth and people with labor disabilities and status holders have been helped. Efforts have also been made to encourage employers to help workers return to work, education/training, job coaching and placement subsidies to employers.

European Social Fund

The ESF is the main European tool to support employment, help people into work and ensure fairer employment opportunities for all EU citizens. The Dutch government wants to use the subsidies for vulnerable workers and job seekers, for social innovation & food aid. This is done in cooperation with municipalities, PrO-/vso schools, ROCs/AOCs, UWV and the business community. The ESF subsidy amounts to 413 million nationwide and is distributed among the 35 labor market regions in the Netherlands.

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