The annual report (part of the financial statements) indicates, among other things, whether the policies in the budget for the past year were actually implemented.

Annual Report 2023: Zoetermeer achieves nice result

The Annual Report 2023 of the Municipality of Zoetermeer has been published. Municipality of Zoetermeer has achieved great results in 2023. Alderman Iedema: "With 'Doing what's needed together' and the vision Zoetermeer 2040 in hand, we worked hard on the city. This was not without setbacks. Despite the setbacks, Zoetermeer has still managed to achieve a great deal. Always with the continuous striving to make Zoetermeer even more beautiful and attractive."

For 2023, the account result was about € 10 mln positive. That is ca. € 20 mln less than in 2022. This is in line with the objective of practical budgeting. The budget of the municipality of Zoetermeer thus remains balanced, despite a setback in the youth aid budget. The expectation of the Zoetermeer municipality is that a balanced budget can also be achieved in the coming years without major changes. The Zoetermeer City Council points out that, as in recent years, budgets will have to be budgeted for "with your hands behind your back. The financial cliff of 2026 keeps Zoetermeer from drawing up a multi-year budget without restrictions. "If the central government's intention to redesign the Municipal Fund does not change this will lead to difficult choices in the short term."

The 2023 Annual Reports are available through a digital portal: | Annual documents 2023

Household book of Zoetermeer

In the film "The household accounts of the municipality of Zoetermeer," we explain the connection between the college program, perspective memorandum, budget, annual report and financial statements.