Ancillary positions

Mayors, aldermen and council members must disclose their ancillary positions. This is stated in the Municipalities Act.

You can also view the lists of ancillary positions at the Environmental Desk in the Public Square.


At its meeting on June 3, 2013, the College of Mayor and Aldermen decided to publish semi-annually a summary of the expenses incurred outside the expense allowance (or official allowance) and paid by the municipality for the members of the College. It concerns the costs in respect of transportation, functional lunches, refreshments, dinners, foreign trips and representation.

The summary covers costs incurred by the entire college and costs incurred in the name of individual college members. In all cases, these are costs functionally incurred in the interest of the municipality.

The following cost items can be found in the document.

  • Transportation:
    • Reimbursement of own transportation expenses per college member.
    • Reimbursement of public transportation costs per college member.
    • A total record of travel expenses incurred by cab.
  • Functional refreshments, lunches and dinners (per college member and entire college):
    • In the workplace.
    • Outside.
    • Foreign travel per college member.
  • Representation expenses (flowers, gifts, etc. per college member and entire college).

Register gifts

Pursuant to the Code of Conduct for Political office holders, gifts and gratuities received by a political office holder by virtue of his office are reported and recorded unless the estimated value is €50 or less.