Sports agenda 2017 and beyond, Zoetermeer stronger through sports

This sports agenda was created in consultation with Zoetermeer residents and associations. Important points of interest in the sports agenda are:

  • Zoetermeerders are active. Commitment to increase regular sports participation of all Zoetermeer residents. In addition, additional attention to the target groups: children and youth, the elderly (65+), people with disabilities and disadvantaged people. A temporary impulse budget will also be created to get these target groups involved in sports and to stimulate sports providers to take on a broader social role.
  • Accommodations in order. Sports associations, other sports providers and individual athletes must have access to sufficient and good quality sports facilities. The sports agenda also focuses on revision of rental rates, aimed at transparency, fairness and encouragement of community engagement.
  • Vital sports clubs. The main task of sports providers is and remains the provision of opportunities for sport and exercise. At the same time we see that they are becoming more and more important as partners in the pursuit of other social goals. For these reasons it is important to have vital sports clubs in Zoetermeer. The municipality supports this with a vitality check for clubs and will appoint an extra club supporter.
  • Sport in Society. Sport is an opportunity tool for societal challenges. We want to make the most of this. Here we focus on the themes of participation, health, welfare and safety. In addition, the connection of sports providers with education and other (social) partners is of great importance.
  • Proud of sports in Zoetermeer. The municipality focuses primarily on grassroots sports, laying a foundation for top sports on which associations and sports providers can build. We are proud of the achievements of Zoetermeer's top athletes. We like to put them in the spotlight during our sports gala. In addition, the municipality supports sporting events that contribute to the consistent profiling of Zoetermeer as a city of (winter) sports & leisure.