Do you want to help make your neighborhood better, more fun and more beautiful? You can apply for this grant if you want to organize an activity in your neighborhood. The activity must improve contacts between neighborhood residents.

Examples of community activities include:

  • street/neighborhood festivals with activities for young and old
  • street/neighborhood barbecue
  • cleanup efforts in a street or neighborhood
  • sports and/or cultural activities in a street or neighborhood
  • refurbishing and brightening up playgrounds
  • sports activities for children
  • activities around Christmas, New Year's Eve and other celebrations
  • realization of a dog-walking area

What you need to know

There are almost no ground rules established for Wijk aan Zet! Anyone can come up with suggestions, ideas and initiatives. Importantly, the budget can only be applied for activities that aim to increase social cohesion and for things that benefit the majority of residents.

Do you want to make an adjustment in the public space? Such as placing a bench, for example? Then you must attach a list of signatures.


If you use the grant to organize an event or other activity in the public area, you must also report it to us. In some cases, you must apply for a permit. 


Do you want to apply for a grant? Do so at least 6 weeks before the activity.

Applying for a grant from Neighborhood Watch 

How long will it take?

Upon receipt of your request, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Contact Grant Office

The Grants Office can be reached Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon by calling the general telephone number 14 079. You can also send an e-mail to