Public subsidy register 2022

The municipality of Zoetermeer considers it important that it is clear to everyone which subsidies are provided and for which activities. The subsidy register contains the subsidies larger than €2,500 that relate to the year 2022.

The grant amounts listed in this register are the grants awarded (provisionally). After the organizations have carried out the activities for which the subsidy was granted, they must submit an account of them to the municipality. On the basis of this justification, the granted subsidies are set to the final subsidy amounts. These amounts may differ from the granted grant. Because at the time of publication not all grants have yet been determined, the register only lists the provisionally awarded grant and therefore not the final grant amount.

Subsidy register content

The grant register contains the following information:

  • The program from the municipal budget to which the grant relates.
  • The name of the grant recipient.
  • The subsidized activity.
  • The grant amount awarded.