You can access the Zoetermeer municipality's digital schemes database through the search service on the central government website (external link).

What can you find in the digital schemes bank?

In this regulations file you can find Zoetermeer's generally binding regulations, such as municipal ordinances. The file is managed through the Ministry of the Interior's website link).

Schemes of Zoetermeer(external link)

Ordinances are regularly renewed or expired. Not all ordinances that have expired can be found on the Internet. If you cannot find an ordinance, please contact the City Archives.

General Municipal Regulation

The General Local Bye-Law (APV) applies to everyone within the municipality of Zoetermeer. The purpose of the regulation is to keep the city tidy and livable. The APV describes the rules that apply, for example, to the following subjects: public order, supervision of catering establishments, collecting, road safety, flyering, events and the protection of the environment and natural beauty. - APV Zoetermeer(external link)

Amendment to General Municipal Regulation Zoetermeer

The municipality is going to amend the General Municipal Bye-Law Zoetermeer on a number of points. Before the municipal council decides on this, we are asking you for your opinion. For more information: | Amendment to the General Municipal Bye-Law.

Joint arrangements

The Municipal Executive is obliged to keep track of the schemes in which the municipality participates. In the Common Schemes register, you can read which schemes the municipality of Zoetermeer participates in.

The register was updated as of March 1, 2021.