Do you do volunteer work or volunteer care? Then you are not always properly insured. The municipality has therefore taken out insurance for volunteers. As a result, all volunteers are automatically insured during their work.

You should think of the insurance as a "safety net. This means that you must first report the damage to your own insurance or the insurance of the organization for which you are volunteering.

What you need to know


You are insured only if you are in an accident or if your personal property is lost or damaged.

Volunteer in fire or police departments?

Then you are not insured through this insurance.

What should you do?

You are automatically insured, you do not need to do anything for this.

What should you do in case of damage?

  1. You first check whether the damage can be reported on your own insurance or on the insurance of the organization where you volunteer.
    > Is this possible? Then report the damage there.
    > Is this not possible? Then report the damage via the Voluntary Insurance Claim Form (see "Useful links").
  2. Send the completed form to
  3. The municipality reports the damage to the insurer.
  4. A claims handler from the insurer handles the claim. The claim is settled directly with the injured party.
  5. The insurer informs the municipality about the settlement of the claim.

Damage or injury from an accident?

  1. You do not need to check whether the claim is covered on another insurance policy.
  2. You report the damage directly to the municipality (call 14 079).Car damage

Is the damage suffered not compensated? Then report the damage to your third-party liability insurance or auto insurance.

Are you suffering personal injury? For example due to loss of no-claim and/or excess? Then send us an itemized statement of that.

Are the aforementioned insurers unable to handle the claim? Then perhaps the insurer of the municipality of Zoetermeer can help you within the insurance for volunteers. Is that the case? Then we would like to receive the letters from the insurers from you.