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An WAS team is active in every neighborhood in Zoetermeer. Local residents and district police officers work together in these teams. They patrol the neighborhood together on a regular basis to keep an eye on things and signal abuses.

Even when there are no special surveillance nights, the WAS members are alert for abuses. In addition, they are points of contact for residents who smell danger or signal something suspicious. WAS teams also participate in municipality-wide projects, such as the major RandstadRail control actions, the anti-sackroller team, safety evenings in neighborhoods, the 112 Safety Day and preventive actions to combat residential burglaries.

Participating in WAS?

WAS can always use new members. If you would like to actively contribute to a safe neighborhood, please register via email address buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl. Of course, there is also the possibility to join on a trial basis.

WAS teams

Information about the WAS teams can also be found through the facebook page Neighborhood Prevention WAS, Neighborhood and Officer Together(external link). Some WAS teams are also active on social media themselves. Below is an overview of the different teams.


Website: www.wasrokkeveen.nl(external link)
Facebook: Neighborhood Prevention WAS Rokkeveen(external link)
E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl


E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl

Driemanspolder and Meerzicht (WAS3Zicht).

E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl


E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl


E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl

The Leyens

E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl


E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl


E-mail: buurtpreventie@zoetermeer.nl

Sign with text: Attention Neighborhood Prevention. In this neighborhood, Neighborhood and Officer Work Together

Zoetermeer Safe

The municipality has the issue of safety high on its agenda and considers it important that residents feel safe in the city. It is a task of the municipality in cooperation with various parties. Efforts are made to both prevent and act when necessary. The municipality also involves its residents to ensure that Zoetermeer is and remains a livable and safe city.