The district fishing license is a free license that allows you to fish in designated water in the districts of Zoetermeer. Check the map to see where you may fish.

Fishing is not allowed in all waters. The right to fish in a water may also belong to a fishing association. Check the website in advance to see where you may and may not fish.

Validity District Fishing License

The 2024 District Fishing License is valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2024.

Rules District Fishing License

The following rules apply to the District Fishing License:

  1. Fishing is allowed with a maximum of 1 fishing rod. By fishing rod we mean: - a rod, with or without a winding mechanism (line or cord) - with 1 float and a maximum of 1 hook with 1 tooth
  2. Fishing is allowed only with the bait listed below: 
    • bread / dough
    • cheese 
    • grains / seeds
    • Insect larvae (including maggots)
    • imitation bait (no larger than 2.5 cm)
  3. You may not use a safety net.
  4. Fishing is allowed only between sunrise and sunset. Night fishing is prohibited throughout the year.
  5. Fishing for predatory fish is prohibited. Therefore, you may not use a blinker, spinner or artificial fish as bait.
  6. The use of bite alarms is prohibited.
  7. Fishing is allowed only in water as listed on the map.
  8. Caught fish may not be taken. You must immediately return the fish to the same water.
  9. You must have the District Fishing License with you when you fish. You must be able to show this to police, BOAs, Sportvisserij Nederland or area manager(s) upon request.
  10. Do you only fish in water in the district? Then you do not need a VISpas from Sportvisserij Nederland. The VISpas is not valid in designated district waters.
  11. There should be no nuisance or disturbance to the surrounding area and/or nature.
  12. You may not leave trash at the fishing spot.
  13. You may not pitch a tent in the fishing spot.

What should you do?

  • Download and print the 2024 District Fishing Certificate.
  • Fill in the information (in block letters) and put your signature.
  • Check the map where you may fish.
  • You may fish in any district regardless of where you live.
  • Bring your District Fishing License (completed and signed) and a valid ID (14 years and older) with you when you go fishing.

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