Want to brighten up your street or neighborhood and maintain a patch of green space? You can! We call this adoption greenery. 

What you need to know

Adoption green space is public green space that is planted and maintained by multiple residents. 

  • The piece of greenery always remains the property of the municipality. 
  • You may not add it to your own garden. 
  • Not all public green space is eligible for adoption green space. The municipality assesses whether this is possible on a spot-by-spot basis. 
  • In the first quarter of the year, new adoptive greenery will be realized.
  • Do you apply for adoptive green space after February 2023? Then it will not be installed until the 1st quarter of 2024 (after your application is approved).

The municipality can take back the public greenery if necessary or if the greenery is not properly maintained. Maintenance of the adopted greenery is reviewed annually by the municipality. 

Green waste from adoptive greenery

Do you have large branches from adopted greenery that won't fit in your green waste container? Twice a year, during pruning seasons in April and October, the municipality collects bulky garden waste (pruning waste) from neighborhoods free of charge. Keep an eye on our website during those periods for more information.

Not enough room in the green bin for waste from adoptable greenery?

Do you have a piece of adopted green space of 100 m² or larger? Then you can get an additional green waste container for free. You can indicate this via the form. You must place this container on your own land. Do you stop as manager of adoptive green spaces? Then you must return the container.

Questions about maintenance or want to stop adopting greenery?

Do you have questions about adoptable greenery you (already) manage or want to stop? If so, please fill out the form.


  • Ask your neighbors and/or street neighbors if they think adopting greenery at this site is a good idea and if they would like to help. Several residents must agree when applying. 
  • Submit an application through the MijnGemeente App or through the form.
  • Put in your application which spot you want to adopt. Existing trees in this spot will not be removed. 
  • A staff member reviews your request.
  • If the spot is approved, you will receive a message telling you how the application will proceed. Included in this are: 
    • The agreement adoptive greenery.
    • A plant list.
    • Tips for creating a planting plan.
  • Once the plan is approved, an agreement is entered into between the municipality and resident(s).
  • During the first quarter of the year, the green space is prepared for planting and the plants are delivered by the district contractor. You will also receive an adoptive green sign. You can then begin planting and maintaining your adopted green space.