An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that can restore heart rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest.

When someone calls 911 with suspected cardiac arrest, HartslagNu automatically calls registered citizen responders near the victim. They receive a call on their phone asking them to go directly to the victim to perform CPR or to retrieve an AED first. They perform CPR until professional help takes over. In cardiac arrest, every minute counts, with .the first 6 minutes being vital. Citizen responders are on average 2.5 minutes faster than the ambulance and can make the difference between life and death.

The municipality provides a basic network of AEDs throughout the city. With this, Zoetermeer meets the 6-minute standard of the Heart Foundation(external link).

Wondering if there are enough AEDs in your neighborhood? Then consult the map of the Heart Foundation(external link). Do you want an AED closer to you? Then you can, alone or with a group of people, buy an AED to expand this network.

Becoming a citizen helper

As a citizen rescuer, you must be qualified to perform CPR. Are you 18 years of age or older and have completed an approved CPR training within the past 2 years? Then you can register as a citizen aid provider at HartslagNu | Burgerhulpverlening(external link).

On the website Hartstichting | Reanimatiecursus(external link) you can see the range of CPR courses in your area. It is important that the training is given according to the rules of the Dutch Resuscitation Council. Many health insurance companies reimburse this course if you have additional insurance. For more information, check the website of your health insurance company. 

Are you taking a FAFS training course through your work? If so, this is sufficient and you do not need to take a separate CPR course.


Grant for AED

You can apply for a grant for the cost of an AED.

Terms of the grant:

  • The AED must be in a zip code area where there are still too few AEDs according to the Heart Foundation's AED Check(external link).
  • You must make the application together with your neighbors.
  • You can apply for up to 10% of the cost as a grant up to a maximum of €150.00.
  • You can apply for the grant online through Grants - Neighborhood Watch.

Online Arranging

Registering your AED with the municipality

Do you have an AED? Please notify us via:

AED sign up at Municipality of Zoetermeer

Register your AED with HartslagNu

Do you want your AED to be able to be deployed during a 112 call? Then register your AED with HartslagNu:

AED registration with HartslagNu(external link)

How long will it take?

After registering your AED, we will contact you within 5 business days to verify the details.