Do you want to dispose of bulky waste? For opening hours, see Opening hours Self-Delivery Depot

  • The Zelfbrengdepot is for Zoetermeer residents only.
  • Bring your environmental card with you.
  • Check "What you need to know" to see what is bulky waste and what is not.
  • You may offer up to 2m³ of bulky waste per day.
  • You cannot bring commercial waste.
  • Sort the bulky garbage before putting it in the car so that you are at the Self-Delivery Depot for as short a time as possible.

Bulky waste collection

Would you like free bulky waste collection? Then make an appointment(external link).

Rules for collection of bulky waste

  • Look under "What You Need to Know" for an overview of what constitutes bulky waste and what does not.
  • Put the bulky waste at the presentation site (this is where the mini containers are presented or next to the underground containers) before 7:30 am. You may not put out the bulky waste the night before.
  • You may have a maximum of 2m³ collected at a time.
  • Metal items, white and brown goods (for example: television, computer, refrigerator, washing machine) must be offered separately.
  • Tie long objects of up to 1.50 meters together in bundles.
  • Carpet should be cut into pieces and bundled.
  • Each part or bundle must not exceed 30 pounds.
  • Do not put bulky waste in boxes or plastic bags.

Make an appointment

Appointment for bulky waste collection(external link)

Telephone appointment for bulky waste collection

Only for urgent matters, such as the emptying of a house* after death, you can call 14 079 from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 15:45. An appointment will then be made with you.

* This does not apply to emptying a room in a nursing home or similar institution. Please contact the relevant institution for this.

What you need to know

Garbage is:

  • furniture
  • toy
  • large white and brown goods (for example: television, computer, refrigerator, washing machine)
  • large metal
  • bicycles / bicycle tires (you can also return these to a bike store)
  • bed spiral
  • tanning bed (without lamps)
  • ... etc.

Bulky waste that is not picked up (but can be taken away):

  • pottery
  • asbestos
  • car tires
  • sleepers
  • small chemical waste
  • glass (glassware, panes, mirrors)
  • bulky green waste (such as branches, prunings and tree trunks longer than 1.50 meters or heavier than 30 kilograms)
  • soil/sand
  • wood (e.g. window frames) longer than 1.50 meters
  • cardboard
  • mattresses
  • plastic bags
  • fences higher than 1.50 meters
  • paint cans

Remodeling waste such as:

  • rubble
  • sand
  • plumbing fixtures (e.g., toilet bowls)
  • ... and so on

Small white and brown goods such as:

  • power tools
  • shavers
  • hair dryers
  • electric blankets
  • toy
  • vacuum cleaners
  • phones

Bulky dirt search

Searching through and/or taking (bulky) dirt placed at the roadside is not permitted.

Camera surveillance

The Self-Employment Depot has camera surveillance for your and our safety.


Bulky household waste and/or bulky yard waste.
  • Bring it yourself at the Self-help Depot.
  • Max. 2m³ per day.
Bulky household waste and/or bulky yard waste.
  • Pick up at a drop-off location near your home. Please note! You must always make an appointment for this.
  • Municipality determines the day.
  • Max. 2m³ at a time.
Bulky household waste and/or bulky yard waste.
  • Pick up off the free route.
  • Max. 2m³ at a time.
€ 49.93 for the first 2m³
Debris and soilBring it yourself at the Self-help Depot.€8.55 per bag
(first 3 bags per day free)

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.