Garbage, bulky waste

Do you want to dispose of bulky waste? For opening hours, see Opening hours Self-Delivery Depot

  • The Zelfbrengdepot is for Zoetermeer residents only.
  • Bring your environmental card with you.
  • Check "What you need to know" to see what is bulky waste and what is not.
  • You may offer up to 2m³ of bulky waste per day.
  • You cannot bring commercial waste.
  • Sort the bulky waste before putting it in the car so that you are at the Self-hauling Depot for the shortest time possible.

Bulky waste collection

Want free bulky waste collection? Then make an appointment.

Rules for collection of bulky waste

  • Look under "What you need to know" for an overview of what constitutes bulky waste and what does not.
  • Put the bulky waste at the presentation site (this is where the mini containers are presented or next to the underground containers) before 7:30 am. You may not put out the bulky waste the night before.
  • You may have a maximum of 2m³ collected at a time.
  • Metal items, white and brown goods (for example: television, computer, refrigerator, washing machine) must be offered separately.
  • Tie long objects of up to 1.50 meters together in bundles.
  • Carpet should be cut into pieces and bundled.
  • Each part or bundle must not exceed 30 pounds.
  • Do not put bulky waste in boxes or plastic bags.

Make an appointment

Garbage collection appointment

Telephone appointment for bulky waste collection

Only for urgent matters, such as the emptying of a house* after death, you can call 14 079 from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 15:45. An appointment will then be made with you.

* This does not apply to emptying a room in a nursing home or similar institution. Please contact the relevant institution for this.

What you need to know

Garbage is:

  • furniture
  • toy
  • large white and brown goods (for example: television, computer, refrigerator, washing machine)
  • large metal
  • bicycles / bicycle tires (you can also return these to a bike store)
  • bed spiral
  • tanning bed (without lamps)
  • ... etc.

Bulky waste that is not picked up (but can be taken away):

  • pottery
  • Asbestos (There are separate rules for this. For more information, visit Information Point Living Environment | Asbestos)
  • car tires
  • sleepers
  • small chemical waste
  • glass (glassware, panes, mirrors)
  • bulky green waste (such as branches, prunings and tree trunks longer than 1.50 meters or heavier than 30 kilos)
  • soil/sand
  • wood (e.g. window frames) longer than 1.50 meters
  • cardboard
  • mattresses
  • plastic bags
  • fences higher than 1.50 meters
  • paint cans

Remodeling waste such as:

  • rubble
  • sand
  • plumbing fixtures (e.g., toilet bowls)
  • ... and so on

Small white and brown goods such as:

  • power tools
  • shavers
  • hair dryers
  • electric blankets
  • toy
  • vacuum cleaners
  • phones

Bulky dirt search

Searching through and/or taking (bulky) dirt placed at the roadside is not permitted.

Camera surveillance

The Self-Employment Depot has camera surveillance for your and our safety.


Bulky household waste and/or bulky yard waste.
  • Bring it yourself at the Self-help Depot.
  • Max. 2m³ per day.
Bulky household waste and/or bulky yard waste.
  • Pick up at a drop-off location near your home. Please note! You must always make an appointment for this.
  • Municipality determines the day.
  • Max. 2m³ at a time.
Bulky household waste and/or bulky yard waste.
  • Pick up off the free route.
  • Max. 2m³ at a time.
€49.93 for the first 2m³
Debris and soilBring it yourself at the Self-help Depot.€8.55 per bag
(first 3 bags per day free)

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.