All households in Zoetermeer have (or will receive) an environmental pass from the municipality. This is a yellow tag with the municipality's logo on it. Do you have underground containers for household garbage and gft-e (vegetable, fruit, garden and food waste) in your neighborhood? Then open these containers with your environmental pass. The environmental pass also gives access to the Self-Delivery Depot.

environmental pass / environmental tag
environmental pass (environmental tag)

What should you do?

Are you moving to Zoetermeer?

  • The previous occupant of the house must give the environmental card to you or leave it somewhere visible in the house.

The previous resident no longer has an environmental pass?

Reapply for the environmental pass free of charge (see 'Arrange online').

Environmental pass from previous occupant is broken?

  • Stop by Customer Service Waste Collection with broken environmental pass.
  • We can verify that the environmental card is really broken (and not blocked).
  • In case of a broken environmental pass, replacement is free of charge. The old (broken) pass will then be blocked.

You are moving to newly built house or apartment?

  • You will be sent a new environmental pass by the municipality.

You are moving to another residence?

  • Give your environmental pass to the new occupant(s) of the house.

Lost environmental pass?

Apply for a new pass online or stop by Customer Service Waste Collection.

Apply for additional environmental pass?

  • All households in Zoetermeer receive 1 environmental pass from the municipality.
  • You can request 1 additional environmental pass online (maximum 2 passes per household). You must pay for this.
  • Do you apply for a pass incorrectly? Then you will have to pay the administration fee, but you will not receive an environmental pass.


Environmental Pass Application

Attention! Is your environmental pass broken? Then come with the broken environmental pass to Customer Service Waste Collection


Would you like to pick up your environmental pass at Customer Service Waste Collection? Please bring:

  • a valid ID
  • A debit card (you can only pay by debit card)


Lost environmental pass or apply for 2nd environmental pass: 

Online requests transmission by mail (5 working days)€ 15,38
Collect from Customer Service Waste Collection.€ 16,65

At Customer Service Waste Collection, you can only use debit cards.

When the previous occupant did not leave an environmental card: 

Apply for new pass online, send by mailfree

When the previous resident left a broken environmental pass: 

Drop by with broken pass at Customer Service Waste Collectionfree

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

How long will it take?

  • Apply online > Within 5 business days you will receive the environmental pass at home.
  • Apply in person at customer service > You will receive the environmental pass immediately (you may have to pay extra for it).