If you have an income at or around the welfare level and little savings or other assets, you may be eligible for remission. You will then not have to pay all or part of your taxes. 

Your eligibility for waiver depends on your personal and financial circumstances (such as income, assets and housing costs).

You will receive remission only for:

- property tax (OZB woningen)
- sewerage tax
- waste tax
- dog tax (for one dog only) 

What you need to know

In any case, you will not receive a waiver if:

  • You have a car worth more than €3,350. A car with a higher current value is only allowed if the car is necessary because of illness or disability. You can look up the current value of your car on, for example, Bovag or ANWB.
  • You own your own home and there is excess value. There is always a surplus value if the current WOZ value of your home is higher than your current mortgage debt. The WOZ value of your home can be found on your assessment of municipal taxes.
  • You have already paid the assessment more than 3 months ago.
  • You have previously applied for remission of the same assessment.


Do you think you are entitled to a waiver? Then apply for it through:


Do we ask for additional information?

You can send this:


Additional documents, taxes waiver

By mail

Municipality of Zoetermeer
Team Taxes
PO Box 15
2700 AA Zoetermeer

Drop by

You can find the Town Hall mailbox at Frankrijklaan 6.

Need help applying for waiver?

You can contact:

Don't have a DigiD?

  • If so, please use the Municipal Tax Waiver Application form pdf)
  • You can download, print and fill out this form.
  • Send the form, completed and with supporting documents to the municipality (the address can be found at the bottom of the form). Do you prefer to send the form with supporting documents by e-mail? You can! Our email address is: kwijtschelding@zoetermeer.nl.

Rejection of your request?

You may file an appeal within 10 days from the date of the decision. The signed notice of appeal must be addressed to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and can be submitted to:

Municipality of Zoetermeer
Manager of Taxes
PO Box 15

Frequently Asked Questions