In budget management, someone else (a company hired by the municipality) manages your money according to a plan. This manager ensures that you do not spend more money than what comes in. 

Most of your income is used to pay your fixed expenses. In addition, the administrator pays off debts and helps you save. You receive an amount for your daily expenses and groceries. Budget management is used when it is necessary to improve or stabilize your financial situation.

What do you need to know?

As of April 2022, CAV Foundation is the new budget manager. CAV Foundation works with the Zoetermeer municipality to provide budget management for clients of the Debt Assistance Department. 

Would you like to speak to someone from CAV Foundation?

Every Tuesday, a contact person from CAV Foundation is present at City Hall.
It is possible to get acquainted with the contact person. Send an e-mail in advance to Jasper Halewijn, or call 088 - 8228218 to make an appointment.  

Still have questions?

Then call 14 079 and ask for your contact from Team Debt Assistance or email