(Flat) roofs in Zoetermeer: often they are still empty and abandoned. Did you know that they can be used for multiple functions?

In 2023 a start was made with the 'Approach to multifunctional roofs Zoetermeer'. This means that Zoetermeer wants to use and deploy the space on roofs for different functions.

Four-color approach

Central to the Zoetermeer Roofing Team's roofing approach is the so-called "four-color approach. This four-color approach allows the roofs to be used in different ways.

  • Blue Roofs
    For more water storage. For example, capturing and delaying water runoff on roofs in areas of flooding.
  • Yellow roofs
    For renewable energy generation. For example, encouraging owners to put solar collectors on their roofs.
  • Red Roofs
    To add meeting spaces, cultural activities and housing.
  • Green Roofs
    To increase nature, biodiversity and combat heat stress.

Learn more

Do you have a flat roof yourself and would like to know more about the possibilities? Or do you have your own ideas and/or suggestions for roofing activities? If so, please feel free to contact the Roofing Team at dakenteam@zoetermeer.nl.