Zoetermeer is participating in the NK Tile Twisting. Join in too and replace your garden tiles for greenery! Did you know that the more tiles in your garden, the hotter it gets on hot days? And that on wet days, rainwater cannot sink into the ground if a garden is completely tiled? This causes flooding such as large puddles and flooded basements. With fewer tiles in Zoetermeer, the soil can store more water and the flooding during heavy showers will also be less.


Between March 21 and October 31, you can participate in the NK Tegelwippen. Remove some tiles from your garden, replace them with flowers, plants or trees and make Zoetermeer greener. This will make the city a nicer place to live for people and animals. Report the number of tiles you have cleared via www.nk-tegelwippen.nl/meedoen and compare the score with other municipalities. Time to get to work!

By the way, this site also provides inspiration for reusing your old tiles. For example, make an herb curl or an insect hotel. No room to reuse the tiles? Then you can bring them to the Zelfbrengdepot. Good luck!