Do you suspect that someone close to you is fraudulent with benefits, healthcare or housing? If so, you can file a report (anonymously) online or by telephone. A report is always handled confidentially.

What is fraud?

Fraud is the knowing and intentional giving of false or incomplete information. For example, fraud occurs when:

In the case of benefit fraud

  • A person does not declare income from work or assets or only partially.
  • A person does not disclose he/she is cohabiting or that there is a change in family composition (e.g., divorce or moving in).
  • Someone gives a false (postal) address where they do not really live.

In the case of healthcare fraud

  • Personal budget is used improperly (deliberately sending incorrect bills for care not provided, for example).
  • Improper use of Wmo facilities (e.g., mobility scooter, area cab, disabled parking pass).
  • Caregivers who provide no or insufficient care (partner, family member or institution).

In housing fraud

  • Illegal subletting/subleasing/room rental.
  • Unlawful use of a property.
  • Overcrowding (too many people living in a house).
  • Using a rental property as business space or warehouse.
  • Misuse of a property for hemp cultivation or prostitution.
  • Not registering or incorrectly registering in the BRP in order to defraud it.

Good landlord hotline

We are in consultation with the other municipalities within Haaglanden to set up a local and regional hotline. Until then, the hotline is part of the general approach to housing fraud.

Reports can therefore currently be sent to


Report fraud (healthcare or benefits)

Report housing fraud

Would you prefer to call to report suspected fraud? Then contact the Social Investigation Department at 14 079.

Notice! Do you want to report anonymously? Then shield your phone number before calling. Through your phone number it is possible to retrieve your information.

You can shield your phone number in the following way:

For cell phone: 

  • Open the window where you can enter the phone number
  • Key #31#
  • Then dial the phone number 14 079
  • You now make one anonymous call

For landline phone:

  • Key *31* 
  • Then dial the phone number 14 079
  • You now make one anonymous call

How long will it take?

  • We take all reports into consideration.
  • Due to confidentiality obligations, we will not inform you further about the handling of your report.