The Outdoor Beast opens inclusive sound arch

At Play Farm Het Buitenbeest, a crowd of jubilant young Zoetermeerders together with Alderman Marijke van der Meer inaugurated the interactive Yalp movement arch on National Outdoor Play Day. The Yalp, the inverse of Play, is an imposing arch that floats above a playing field and makes sounds when it moves.

Alderman Van der Meer likes the fact that the arch is also suitable for children with disabilities: "The Yalp fits well with our desire to ensure that all children can participate as much as possible. The arch is not only there for children in wheelchairs or with disabilities, but especially for all playful visitors."

Outdoor Beast

The Buitenbeest is a historic farmhouse from 1811 and is recognized as a National Monument. Since 2014, the farm has been used as a Play Farm. Several animals live on the farm, including cows, horses, goats, pigs and numerous small animals such as chickens and rabbits. At Het Buitenbeest, visitors can regularly attend activities, especially after school and during school vacations. Every year, Het Buitenbeest welcomes more than 220,000 visitors.