A housing permit is a permit to live in social rental housing and mid-rent housing. You need this permit if:

  • You will rent a low-cost home from a private landlord, with a rent below €879.66 per month.
  • You are going to rent a middle rented house with a rent below € 1,123.13 per month or 187 points according to the Housing Rating System (WWS).

You do not need a housing permit if you rent a property from:

  • The Good Housing
  • Mooiland
  • Stedelink (formerly Vestia)
  • Vidomes

Income limits

You can get a housing permit only if your income meets. In 2024, your income satisfies as the maximum annual taxable income:

Type of rentalTaxable income per household per year
Social rentmaximum € 47,699 for single-person household
maximum € 52,671 for multiple-person household
Middle Rentmaximum € 62,191 for single-person household
maximum € 82,921 for multiple-person household

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.


Fill out the form: 

Apply for housing permit

Enclose with the form

  • Landlord's completed attachment (pdf). Make a scan of the completed attachment, not a photo.
  • Copy ID (or residence document) of yourself and all persons moving with you.
  • Copy payslip or a statement of your benefits for the last 3 months of yourself and all persons moving with you.

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, you must also include the attachments below: 

  • An official statement from your bookkeeper or accountant with the information below:
    • Your current gross income.
    • A financial statement for the previous year.
    • An excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce.

If you and/or co-movers cannot provide these documents:

  • A statement of recorded income for the previous year.
  • A final income tax assessment from the previous year.

The municipality looks at whether your income and the size of your family are proportional to the rent and living space. Is that the case? Then you will receive the permit.


A housing permit costs €37.98. You will receive an assessment for this separately from the decision.

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

How long will it take?

The municipality will decide within 8 weeks of receiving your application with all accompanying documents.