Do you have a child for whom you need help or care? For more information see also Raising and growing up.

You can also go with your request for help:

  • at the drop-in point of Meerpunt in the City Hall-Forum
  • at your child's school
  • at the consultation office
  • with your doctor

Not sure where to go with your question? Please call between 08.30 and 12.30 with the Youth and Family team, telephone number 079 - 346 99 00 or complete the form under 'Request'.


You will need DigiD to complete the form. 

Are you applying for youth assistance for a child 12 years and older? Then the child is required by law to give permission for the application.

Your child has their own DigiD: 

  • You start the application with your own DigiD. He/she can self-sign the application at the end using his/her DigiD login credentials.

Your child does not have a DigiD himself or herself:

  • He/she must give permission if the Youth and Family Services worker contacts you. 

Youth aid, applications

What happens after the municipality receives your application?

Within 8 weeks of your application, a member of Team Youth and Family Services will call you to discuss the application.

During the conversation with the employee:

  • Discuss your problem and desired outcome.
  • See what is possible to reach a solution yourself. Possibly with help from people close to you.
  • Is more help needed? Then the staff member will work with you to see which facility is appropriate.
  • This may include:
    • youth aid
      • in-kind care
      • a personal budget
    • a social medical indication
    • help from the Wmo or Participation Act