Individual income supplement

The individual income supplement is for people who have a low income for an extended period of time. You can apply for this benefit if you have no prospect of improving your income.

To determine if you are entitled to this allowance, we look at:

  • Your ability to work.
  • Your distance from employment.
  • What all you did to get work.


  • How much individual income supplement you get is determined by the municipality.
  • The supplement is paid out once a year.
  • You decide what to spend the money on.

What you need to know

You are eligible for this supplement if you meet the following conditions:

  • You live in Zoetermeer.
  • You are between the age of 21 and retirement age.
  • You have had an income at 100% of the welfare standard for 3 years or more.
  • The 3-year period may be interrupted for a maximum of 12 weeks with income higher than 100% (e.g., due to income from employment).
  • Your assets do not exceed the applicable welfare standard.
  • You have no prospect of improving your income.
  • You have not received an individual income supplement in the past 12 months.
  • You made an effort to get work or keep work.

Previously received individual income supplement?

Has your situation not changed? Then you can reapply for benefits after 12 months.


You can find this information on the"Assistance Standards" page.

Calculate your entitlement

On the website BerekenUwRecht you can find out which schemes in Zoetermeer you may be able to take advantage of based on your income.


You apply for individual income supplement (using your DigiD) through an application for special assistance:

Special assistance, applications

Don't have a DigiD?

  • If so, please use the "Special Assistance Application Form" which you can download below.
  • You can download, print and fill out this form.
  • Submit the completed form with supporting documents to the municipality.
  • Processing an application on paper takes longer than an application using DigiD.