Assistance standards

Assistance standards as of July 1, 2024

Assistance standards (in euros) as of July 1, 2024, net per month and without vacation pay.

.100% assistance standard110% assistance standard120% assistance standard130% assistance standard*
power limit
single 21 years to retirement age1.243,031.367,331.491,641.615,947.575,00
single pension-eligible1.384,011.522,411.660,811.799,217.575,00
single parent 21 years to retirement age1.243,031.367,331.491,641.615,9415.150,00
single parent pensioner1.384,011.522,411.660,811.799,2115.150,00
Family both 21 to retirement age with/without children1.775,751.953,332.130,902.308,4815.150,00
Family 1 of both pensioners1.877,812.065,592.253,372.441,1515.150,00
young people 18 to 21 years old (resident)     
Family both 18 to 21 years old, without children613,76675,14736,51797,8915.150,00
Family both 18 to 21 years old, with children968,911.065,801.162,691.259,5815.150,00
gezin 1 < 21 jaar, ander 21 jaar of ouder, zonder kinderen1.194,761.314,241.433,711.553,1915.150,00
gezin 1 < 21 jaar, ander 21 jaar of ouder, met kinderen1.549,911.704,901.859,892.014,8815.150,00

For necessary out-of-home youth, there may be entitlement to additional assistance. This is assessed by the income director.

* There is no asset limit for the ZoetermeerPas and the municipal policy (collective health insurance).

Individual income supplement

Changes each year on January 1 (Article 4 first paragraph Regulation Individual Income Supplement Municipality of Zoetermeer).

Individual income supplement
Single€ 517,00
Single parent€ 618,00
Married/cohabiting€ 771,00

Study allowance

The study allowance is a taxed allowance on which an income-related contribution for the Health Insurance Act (Zvw) must be paid.

Study allowance effective July 1, 2024
21 years and older (100%)€ 359,57
20 years (80%)€ 287,66
19 years (60%)€ 215,75
18 years (50%)€ 179,79