The municipality performs maintenance in the city throughout the year. This chart shows the approximate time period during which the various activities take place.

Planting (shrubs)According to the pruning program: between November 1 and March
Low plantingAccording to the pruning program: between November 1 and March
TreesWhen inspection shows it is necessary: between Sept. 1 and March 1,
For more information: Tree pruning
HagenIn the months of June and September
Mowing grassFor more information: Mowing
Lawn (short grass)The grass should not grow too long. Mowing is done every week except in the winter months.
Summer LawnFirst, this (flowery) grass is tall. Keeping the grass short begins in mid-June (summer).
Herbaceous (long) grass is cut in different ways, taking into account plants and animalsAt intersections and obscure situations on the roads, this is done 3 times a year. In other places, mowing is done once or twice a year and the clippings are cleaned up.
When mowing is done twice, it is in June and in September. This mowing and clearing takes several weeks.
When mowing is done once it is mainly in September.
Nature-friendly banks, sedges and ditch managementOnce a year in September/October we mow parts of the shoreline. This preserves year-round wildlife habitat.
Removal of aquatic plants (De Leyens and Noordhove)We remove aquatic plants in June/July. The timing depends on the growth of the water plants. If necessary, we repeat this process in the fall.
Sweeping roads and emptying manholes 
Water on the street must be able to drain easilyCleaning wells once a year.
Sweeping leavesFall: roads, parking lots and through bike lanes are swept extra. Footpaths are not swept.
Spreading in case of slipperinessAccording to the gritting routes, see
Asphalt repairs & lineationAfter inspection, the asphalt will be repaired and the lines installed (as long as the temperature is above 10 degrees during the day and it is not freezing at night).
StreetworkWill be carried out as long as there is no frost in the ground.

Comprehensive maintenance

In addition to the annual program, we also perform extensive maintenance on the city.

You can think of:

  • repaving a neighborhood
  • replacing shrubs and trees
  • asphalting roads
  • replacing trash receptacles and benches
  • redesigning playgrounds

When, what and how extensive maintenance will take place is determined by various choices we make with residents, businesses and institutions. These choices include safety, desires and cost considerations.

Public space management vision 'Working together on the city'

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