A family care home is an independent dwelling on your own property and is intended for the person you care for. You can also live in the informal care home yourself. The person you care for then lives in the accompanying house.

  • You can have a sheltered housing unit installed in your yard.
  • You can also have an addition built to your house.
  • A third option is to convert a garage or other existing structure into an assisted living facility.

What should you do?

Check online at Omgevingsloket.nl whether your building plans are permit-free. If you still need to apply for a permit, you can also do so through this desk.

You usually don't need a permit for a home on your own property. However, there are some rules. For example, you must comply with the Building Works Decree for the Living Environment. This contains rules on safety, health and the environment. You must also comply with the following other rules. Do you fail to comply? Then you need a permit.

Rules informal care home

  • A maximum of 2 people may live in the informal care home, at least one of whom receives or provides informal care.
  • When in doubt about the informal care relationship, the municipality may ask for a statement from a family doctor, district nurse or other knowledgeable person or agency.
  • You must comply with the general conditions for attached structures. These are rules for such things as the size and location of the structure.
  • You may only use first floor of the family care home as living space.
  • Are you converting an existing structure at the house into an informal care home? If so, the size does not have to meet the conditions for permit-free construction.
  • Do you live outside the built-up area and opt for a relocatable informal care home of up to 100m²? Then there are no additional conditions for a building area.
  • When the informal care ends, you may no longer use the structure as a home. You do not have to demolish the home, but you must remove the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

Mantel care home in protected cityscape or monument

Do you live in a protected cityscape or is your property a monument? If so, you usually need an environmental permit to build a sheltered housing unit.


Environmental Consultation

If the application involves holding environmental consultations on one or more activities that may affect the physical environment, you pay: 

For the 1st consultation€ 1.000,00
For the 2nd consultation€ 1.000,00
In case of written settlement€ 800,00

Handle application

You will be charged a fee for processing your application. Even if your application is denied, you must pay these fees.

The fee for processing an application for an environmental permit for a project:

Construction costs up to €50,0002.5% of construction costs with a minimum of € 302.00
Construction costs €50,000 to €500,0002.5% of construction costs
Construction costs €500,000 or more2.5% of construction costs with a maximum of €800,000.00

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