If you are going to remodel or demolish, you usually need an environmental permit. For example:

  • (re)constructing a building (for example, a house)
  • demolition of a building in a town or village protected area
  • the fire-safe use of a building
  • (re)building or demolishing a monument
  • construction of a road
  • constructing an entrance or exit driveway
  • felling of trees

Want to know if you need a permit for your building or renovation plans? Do a permit check via the Omgevingsloket. You can find in the Environment Counter for example:

  • Requirements for dimensions of a dormer or addition.
  • Conditions the circumference of a tree or the size of the garden in which the tree stands.

You must pay fees to apply for an environmental permit. Do you have questions about calculating construction costs, for example? Or about other matters? The Environment Desk can give you advice and explanations. Would you like to drop by? Then make an appointment online for an informative meeting.

Step 1 - Pre-consultation

Ask the municipality officially in advance for advice this is called 'pre-consultation'. You can do this preliminary consultation in writing. Attention! A preliminary consultation is not the same as asking for information at the Environment Desk.

The response given to the request for preliminary consultation is not a decision within the meaning of the General Administrative Law Act. Therefore, no objection can be made against the advice.


  • First, complete the Application for Preliminary Consultation for Environmental Permit ( pdf) form.
  • Send the form to the address below.
  • Clearly indicate on the form which activities you want tested at the preliminary consultation.
  • If you do not send the application complete with all attachments, we cannot process it.
  • You will receive a response on the feasibility of your plans within 12 weeks.

You can send your request to:

Municipality of Zoetermeer
Department of VVH
PO Box 15

Step 2 - Apply for permit

If after preliminary consultations it appears that your application has a chance of success, you can apply for the environmental permit.

  • Online via Omgevingsloket or
  • Make an appointment to submit the permit in writing (see 'Make an appointment')

Note! Sometimes you (also) need another permit such as an Event Permit or Alcohol Permit.

Plan damage

Does an application for an environmental permit not fit into an environmental plan? Then the municipality can only cooperate if the zoning plan is deviated from. In that case, damage may occur to third parties, for example through a reduction in the value of a home or business premises(compensation for loss).

To avoid having to pay damages to the municipality, the applicant for the environmental permit may in some cases be asked to enter into an agreement with the municipality. This is called a "Plan Damage Recovery Agreement. This agreement states that if there is damage to third parties, the applicant must compensate them. See also: Beleidsregels inzake verhaalsovereenkomsten nadeelcompensatie (for the planning damage section).

Is the applicant unwilling to enter into an agreement? If so, it may mean that the economic feasibility of the plan or project has not been demonstrated. In that case, the municipality will not cooperate with the application. You will then not receive a permit.


Is your application for a permit rejected? Then you can object free of charge. 

For more information, see: Objecting.

Make an appointment

Appointment > Informational interview Environment Desk

Appointment > Submit Environmental Permit

Change or cancel appointment?

Once you have made an appointment you will receive a confirmation email. This e-mail also contains a link that allows you to change or cancel your appointment yourself.

Are you changing your appointment? Don't forget to delete your other appointment!

Do you no longer have the e-mail? Then call 14 079. A staff member can change or cancel the appointment for you.


Environmental Consultation

If the application involves holding environmental consultations on one or more activities that may affect the physical environment, you pay: 

For the 1st consultation€ 1.000,00
For the 2nd consultation€ 1.000,00
In case of written settlement€ 800,00

Handle application

You will be charged a fee for processing your application. Even if your application is denied, you must pay these fees.

The fee for processing an application for an environmental permit for a project:

Construction costs up to €50,0002.5% of construction costs with a minimum of € 302.00
Construction costs €50,000 to €500,0002.5% of construction costs
Construction costs €500,000 or more2.5% of construction costs with a maximum of €800,000.00

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

Additional information

Environmental Plan

The municipality's environmental plan states where construction is allowed and what buildings can be used for.

Learn more: View environmental plan.

Construction drawings

Looking for the original construction drawings of a property or the drawings of later renovations? You can view these free of charge at the municipality.

More information: View building plans and construction drawings.

Welcoming criteria

These are the rules that a building plan must comply with in terms of its surroundings.

More information: Welfare.

Environmental permit deviates from environmental plan

Do you want to use land or a building in a different way than stated in the zoning plan? If so, you must apply for an environmental permit for contrary use.

More information: Out-of-plan environmental planning activity permit.

Notification of use of public space when performing construction work

Do you want to temporarily place a container, scaffolding, construction set, mobile crane or aerial platform during construction work? If so, you must report this to the municipality.

More information: Use of public space.

Neighbor Law

Even if you have obtained an environmental permit or are allowed to build permit-free, you must still comply with neighbor law. Neighborhood law is regulated in the Civil Code (Book 5, Title 4). Talk to your neighbors in advance about your (building) plans.

Waste collection at new home(s)

Newly constructed housing(s) must take waste collection into account. New homes will either have a connection to a central (underground) waste container or mini containers. Arrangements must be made with the municipality for both situations.

Do you have a contact at the municipality for your construction project? If so, please contact that person. Don't have a contact person? Then call the Waste Collection Department at 14 079, option 2.

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Explore your idea. Do you want to change something about your home, garden or business? If so, you don't need a consultation first. Do the Permit Check to see if you need a permit.