Want to check out the environmental plan? From Jan. 1, 2024, all zoning regulations will automatically be in the environmental plan. A number of rules are also moving from the state to the ambient plan. 

What information is contained in an environmental plan?

The environmental plan contains rules about the physical living environment and various other topics. For example about:

  • Whether and how construction or remodeling is allowed.
  • Whether companies may establish
  • How a piece of land may be used.
  • Whether roads may be built.
  • When you need a permit. 
  • How a structure is reviewed for appearance requirements.
  • How a building should be connected to gas, electricity, drinking water, heat and sewer.
  • How buildings and grounds should be accessible to emergency services, such as the fire department.
  • Where and how flammable materials may be stored.
  • Where and when archaeological research is needed.
  • How much noise, odor and vibration is allowed.
  • What information and documents must be submitted when applying for a permit.

You can view the environmental plan online via Omgevingsloket | Rules on the map . You can also make an appointment at the municipality's Environment Desk to view the environmental plan. Our staff can then also give you more information.

Make an appointment

Appointment viewing environment plan

Change or cancel appointment?

Once you have made an appointment you will receive a confirmation email. This e-mail also contains a link that allows you to change or cancel your appointment yourself.

Do you no longer have the e-mail? Then call 14 079. A staff member can change or cancel the appointment for you.

Are you changing your appointment? Please remember to cancel your other appointment!


Viewing an environmental plan is free. 

The cost of a copy of a (draft) environmental plan:

Number of pagesCost
1 to 25, per page€ 0,76
26 to 50€ 23,98
51 to 100€ 45,20
101 to 200€ 70,06
201 to 300€ 93,09
301 and more€ 116,95
Copy of policy paper, regardless of number of pages€ 6,27

The cost of a copy of a map or drawing:

A0€ 30,57
A1€ 18,71
A2€ 11,55

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

You pay the fee when you make the copy. At the Environment Desk, you can only pay by debit card or cash.