Due to technical difficulties, construction records may not be delivered complete for viewing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The municipality keeps construction drawings and building plans. You can view these drawings and plans. At the Environment Desk, you can view all available paper construction drawings created before 2012. 

New construction plans are announced on the website www.officielebekendmakingen.nl.

What you need to know

  • Viewing construction drawings is by appointment only.
  • When making an appointment, keep in mind that it takes 5 business days for the construction file to be at the Environmental Desk. 
  • Would you like to see a file from a different address than agreed upon? Then you must make a new appointment. Requesting a new file takes another 5 business days.
  • The files are fragile. Therefore, handle the materials with care.
  • We cannot guarantee that the information you are looking for is actually available in the construction file.

View construction file

  • You can view the complete building plan. This can be more than just the address you requested. For example, an entire block of properties or an apartment complex. The complete building plan can be 1 box or dozens of boxes. You should go through these yourself at your appointment.
  • In the complete building plan you will find everything available from your requested address.
  • The desk clerks do not provide assistance or advice on viewing records. They do help you request scans or copies.

Make an appointment

Keep in mind that it takes 5 business days for your requested file to be at City Hall. So schedule your appointment at least 5 business days from today.

Environment desk appointment, viewing building plans and construction drawings

Change or cancel appointment?

Once you have made an appointment you will receive a confirmation email. This e-mail also contains a link that allows you to change or cancel your appointment yourself.

Do you no longer have the e-mail? Then call 14 079. A staff member can change or cancel the appointment for you.


Viewing building plans and construction drawings is free.