Tax assessments were mailed out on Saturday, Feb. 24. However, some homeowners only received the bill for garbage (waste collection), and not for the Real Estate Tax (OZB) and sewer charges.

Delay in determining WOZ value

This is because the new WOZ values for about 1,300 homes have not yet been determined. There are several reasons for this delay: some houses are still being examined, for example because there are doubts about the floor area. Other delays are caused by pending objections or appeals from homeowners in a street. This leads to a delay for the entire street.

You will receive the assessment for the OZB and sewerage tax within 4-8 weeks

Homeowners who have not yet received their property tax (OZB) and sewer tax assessments will receive them when the assessment information is next sent out. This will be within 4-8 weeks.