Entrepreneurs beware: Label C mandatory for offices from January 1, 2023

Do you have an office with an area larger than 100m2? By January 1, 2023, it must have a valid energy label, with at least level energy label C. This obligation is included in the Buildings Decree. You have already received a letter about this from Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden.

Not sure yet what to do to meet this goal on time? Check out omgevingsdiensthaaglanden.nl/themas/energy-and-sustainability/label-c. Here you will find the right information on this topic and also the roadmap that will help you do this. This allows you to see in which cases your office building has a label C obligation and which exceptions apply.

The Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden, on behalf of the municipality of Zoetermeer, monitors compliance with this obligation. If the building does not meet the requirements by January 1, 2023, you may no longer use it as an office.