Public lighting contractor performs daily maintenance of public lighting (OV) and traffic control installations (VRI). Our contractor is a public space specialist in the field of public lighting and traffic control installations. Within Zoetermeer, they carry out maintenance work on behalf of the municipality.

Simple malfunctions (fixing lights, among other things) they perform within 10 business days. Larger or complex malfunctions (for example, entire street lights out) are dealt with immediately until resolved. Emergency measures are taken in dangerous situations.

Repairing damage to fixtures and light poles can take longer as it depends on delivery times of various materials. Smaller materials for regular and common work are in stock, so this work can be done on short notice.

If you see a broken or damaged lamp, please report it to us. Add the mast number to your report (see sticker on mast). If there is no sticker or if it is illegible, please indicate the house number(s) of the column.

Notification residential and living environment (public space)

Current information about maintenance in your neighborhood can be found on your neighborhood website.

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