Personal budget (pgb) and Care in kind (Zin)

Are you applying for Wmo? Then you can let us know how you want to pay for this care, usually through Care in kind (Zin) and in exceptions through a personal budget (pgb). Below you can read about the differences.

Care in kind (Zin)

Do you opt for Care in kind (Zin)? Then you will receive care from a provider with whom the municipality has a contract. The municipality will arrange and pay the care provider. You should take the following into account:

  • The municipality orders the aid or resource to be provided.
  • You borrow the device from the municipality (this is called loaning).
  • The municipality will arrange for the maintenance and repair of your device.

Want to know which providers have a contract with the municipality for in-kind provision? For more information, visit the webpage: Overview of Service Providers.

Personal budget (pgb)

Do you opt for help via a pgb? Then you will receive an amount via the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) with which you can arrange your own help with a care provider. For example, household help or an aid such as a mobility scooter. You should take the following into account:

  • Afterwards, you must explain how you spent the amount. Among other things, you must show the original invoice for the help you bought.
  • If you have money left over, you must pay it back to the municipality.
  • Regiotaxi cannot be in the form of a PGB.

Look for the amounts of pgb at:

More information about pgb?

Check the Per Saldo website , the national association of people with personal budgets.

More information about the policy rules for pgb can be found under Policy personal budget.

Own contribution

For the Wmo, a co-payment is required for a pgb and for care in kind. There is no co-payment for the Youth Act.

A co-payment is a monthly amount of money you pay to the Central Administration Office (CAK). CAK calculates how much co-payment you have to pay. This depends on:

  • Your income and assets (for example, savings, investments and second home).
  • Your age.
  • How many people your household consists of.
  • The type of care you receive.

For more information, visit the CAK | Own contribution website .

Youth aid from Zin or Pgb

The municipality has a contract with over 200 youth aid providers. When youth aid is needed, the municipality ensures that help comes from a care provider that has a contract with the municipality. This is called care in kind.

If it turns out that the youth aid providers who have a contract with the municipality cannot provide appropriate help, we look at whether we can enter into a new contract with the youth aid provider who will provide the help. This is usually possible. A pgb is then not necessary.