Pupils from Zoetermeer elementary school planted trees together with aldermen Marijke van der Meer and Bouke Velzen on National Tree Day. The theme of this year's Boomfeestdag was "growing up with trees.

At IKC de Saffier in the Rokkeveen neighborhood, the students and Alderman Marijke van der Meer energetically set to work planting 22 pollard willows. The willows (branches) came from the nearby Blauweregenpad. Besides planting young willows, the trees planted last year now received their own name plates.

Haag in Buytenwegh De Leyens

At IKC de Klimboom (Buytenwegh/De Leyens) pupils of the student council took up the challenge, together with alderman Bouke Velzen, to plant 330 hedges. The realization of the hedge means not only more greenery but also improvement of traffic safety around the school. The new green buffer separates the schoolyard from the 'Kiss + Ride zone' and the schoolyard.