June 6, 2024 is the election for the European Parliament. You can only vote if you have Dutch nationality or the nationality of another European Union (EU) country. If you are an EU citizen then this information is important for you to be able to vote in the Netherlands for the European Parliament.

ALs EU citizen decide where to vote

In these elections, you may decide in which country you want to vote: in the Netherlands or in the EU country of your nationality. Are you going to vote in the Netherlands? Then you will vote for Dutch members of the European Parliament.

Voting in the Netherlands? Then register once

Do you want to vote in the Netherlands? Then you need a Y-32 form in advance. You can find the form at Rijksoverheid.nl | Model Y32(external link). With this you register once with your municipality. You will also soon receive the form by mail from us.

The Y-32 form lets you know you are not also voting in another country. Otherwise you could vote 2 times for the European Parliament and that is not allowed.

Do you have Dutch nationality and live in the Netherlands? Then you do not need a form.

For when to submit?

Send the Dutch-language form to the municipality where you are registered. The municipality must receive the form no later than April 23, 2024. Enclose the following documents:

  • Copy of your valid passport, driver's license or identity card from the Netherlands or another EU country, or
  • Copy of a document showing your identity, nationality, and residency status

Send the form with the documents to backofficeverkiezingen@zoetermeer.nl or:

Municipality of Zoetermeer
Public Square, Civil Affairs
P.O. Box 15
2700 AA Zoetermeer

Within 7 days, the municipality will decide whether you can vote.

Need help filling out the Dutch-language Y-32 form? A translation of the form in several EU languages can be found at Rijksoverheid.nl | Translations Y-32 form with cover letter(external link).

voting pass

If you are allowed to vote, you will receive a voting pass from the municipality in May 2024. With your voting pass and proof of identity, you can vote for the European Parliament elections.

Revoke registration

Have you previously registered for European elections in the Netherlands? But do you want to vote in 2024 in the EU country of your nationality? Then contact the municipality to revoke your previous registration.