Street Name List

The streets have official names. Looking for the correct spelling of a Zoetermeer street name? In the street name list you can find the correct spelling of all streets in Zoetermeer.

Street Name Committee

The street name committee advises the board of mayor and aldermen:

  • When choosing names for new streets, public spaces and public buildings in the municipality of Zoetermeer
  • On changing and/or dropping existing street names

Members street name committee

The street name committee consists of 7 members. These are:

  • Bas van Rouendal (internal member, chairman, City Management team manager)
  • Peggy Wanders (internal member, secretary, employee City Archives)
  • Alex Berendsen (internal member, urban planner)
  • Jill de Niet (internal member, coordinator of Basic Registration of Addresses and Buildings)
  • Arjan Langerak (internal member, geodesist)
  • Kees van der Maazen (internal member, traffic engineer)
  • Ronald Grootveld (external member, historian)

Street name committee meetings

Street Name Commission meetings are open to the public. The committee meets once every 6 weeks on Wednesday mornings in the Town Hall Meeting Center.

Meeting attendance

If you would like to attend the street name committee meeting please contact or phone 14 079.

You can also send a letter to Municipality of Zoetermeer, Attn: Straatnamencommissie, Postbus 15, 2700 AA Zoetermeer. The letter must be received by the municipality no later than 2 days before the meeting. You can also mail this letter to

Agendas and reports street name committee

You can view the agendas and minutes of the current year's street name committee meetings. The agenda shows where the meeting will be held.